Surfaces Group, the green attitude

Sustainability and leading-edge solutions make up the mindset of Surfaces Group which implements an industrial policy based on sustainability:

  • Protection of the environment around plants, and the indoor environment;
  • Minimisation of use of natural resources;
  • Implementation of energy efficiency policies;
  • Minimisation of the production of pollutants.

Important projects already successfully carried through:

ADI Free Dry Grinding Wheels for dry squaring. They enable both the reuse of powders generated by processing for the production of new mixes and easier waste disposable.
ADI’s Dry Cut discs for raw cutting of ceramics. They allow a reduced energy consumption, work dry and the waste material deriving from the side cut is reinserted in the production cycle.
ECOS by International Chips, a revolutionary technology for dry vibratory mass surface finishing, for any type of material. It simplifies the processing cycle and improves efficiency, enabling water saving and sludge reduction.
The Luna Abrasivi IQ Line comprises new-generation grinding wheels for agglomerate surfaces, manufactured using an energy-saving production process.
VOC Free certification for the NoCoat Gloss and Supergloss treatments, certifying the absence of formaldehyde, benzine and other volatile organic compounds harmful for the environment and people.
An in-house “Good Practices” protocol for recycling and resource saving during daily life within the organisation.
Use of ecological paper for printing catalogs and documentation  as no chlorine is used for the bleaching of fibres during cellulose production and is 100% recyclable.