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Thanks to specialist ADI, Surfaces Group is a leader in surface machining of natural and engineered stone

The stone sector is experiencing a new force in the world, driven by demand from the luxury segment in countries in rapid economic growth. The diamond abrasives and tools market is growing constantly, with Italy in fourth place among manufacturing countries. Armed with ADI’s know-how and technological innovation, Surfaces Group occupies a position of absolute leadership in the sector.

ADI-Surfaces solutions are organised in two divisions:

FAB/LAB section dedicated to product processing laboratories


In cutting with saw blades or finger bits, the tool is subjected to very high levels of stress caused by friction with the workpiece material. The tools designed for this purpose must possess exceptional properties in terms of strength while also being extremely sharp and suitable for rapid feed rates. Surfaces Group has achieved distinction for its extensive range of products for cutting, thanks also to the exclusive Sinter technology developed by ADI.



Also for drilling machines, the sturdiness of the tool is of fundamental importance, due to the need to penetrate extremely hard but delicate materials, without chipping. The Surfaces Group – ADI catalogue contains a generous offering of solutions divided according to the various technologies employed: finger bits, crown, brazed, electrolytic.



Profiling is achieved thanks to the combination of a set of tools, up to 6 or 7 in number located in different positions, which operate in rapid succession, each removing a specific section of material. The interaction between the diamond tools must be perfect in order to obtain the required end result. ADI has invested heavily to achieve this level of precision, in terms of EDM technology and ADI measuring machines powered by Zoller. ADI was the first company to introduce Ultra High Speed (UHS) machining and was the first to offer a certified set to process UCS (Ultra Compact Surface) technical materials.


This complex machining process calls for stubbing wheels to rout the worktop and obtain the cutout, drum wheels to machine grooves and wheels for polishing the flat surface. The challenge is to propose the correct combination of the various tools employed in order to exploit the best possible synergy in accordance with workpiece material and colours. Surfaces Group and ADI offer dedicated solutions that are highly appreciated on the market for the various types of machines and materials.


These are complex machining processes on 5-axis machining centres for the creation of 3D components. Surfaces Group and ADI offer the best technologies for this delicate function: sintered tools, electrolytic tools, brazed tools, integral tools, PCD and Carbide.

Sezione PLANT per grandi impianti industriali di lastre in agglomerato di quarzo


Calibration operations are performed using diamond calibrating rollers. Surfaces Group with ADI is acclaimed for the exceptional stock removal rates of the tools combined with their superior working life.


Honing operations are performed using metal bonded diamond fickerts. ADI supplies a broad range of dedicated tools for machining an almost unlimited number of materials, resulting from the combination of the most diverse range of quartz types, dimensions and colours. Surfaces Group and ADI solutions guarantee optimal cutting capacity, long life and constant reduction of surface roughness levels


This important work process is performed using resin bonded diamond fickerts. Surfaces Group offers a vast choice of tools, specifically designed to provide all the finishes demanded by the market, including polished and satin surfaces. Surfaces Group solutions for polishing are essential to impart the required surface/colour to the machined material and obtain the required shine level.


The purpose of this operation is to treat the slab surface with abrasive sponges to permanently seal surface pores, increasing gloss and significantly reducing vulnerability of the surface to the accumulation of dirt and attack by acid substances. ADI, the Surfaces Group specialist, is the only company on the market capable of supplying all process technologies, from the start to the end of the line, including the chemical treatment.

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