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Thanks to specialist ADI, Surfaces Group is a leader in surface machining of natural and engineered stone

Stone, whether natural or artificial, is synonymous with luxury and fascination through its timeless charm, unchanged throughout the ages thanks to its characteristics that flawlessly combine sophisticated appeal with great eclecticism and practicality of use.
The techniques and equipment used to produce, machine and treat this noble material in its various forms, on the other hand, have significantly evolved.

While the popularity of this precious material in building and furnishing has never waned, the stone industry is now enjoying a newfound, additional impetus, driven by the demands of the luxury segment from countries experiencing strong economic expansion.
As a result, the market for abrasives and diamond tooling is constantly growing and changing, and Italy is among the world’s leading producers.

Surfaces Group is at the forefront also of natural and engineered stone surface machining thanks to Adi, Vincent and Luna Abrasivi. Industry experts that for over half a century have provided the most comprehensive range of products for the natural and engineered stone industry. They successfully anticipate market trends and support producers’ machining processes, offering high-quality solutions that optimise output.

Adi produces diamond tooling for slab grinding, cutting, squaring, drilling, profiling and finishing. With over 40 years of experience combined with a forward-looking and innovative approach, Adi offers a wide range of products for the stone industry that fulfil even the most demanding processing requirements. Innovations that guarantee high production speeds and the highest quality of the final product.
Customers worldwide can rely on the advice of technicians and product specialists with many years of experience on the most effective and beneficial solutions.

Vincent, boasting 50 years of experience and know-how in diamond tooling for natural and engineered stone processing, is an example of Italian excellence capable of meeting the highest requirements. Each material has its own particular hardness and abrasive properties and the tool, whether for cutting, grinding, polishing or profiling, must satisfy the different characteristics of the material, machine and application.
Vincent has established itself as a market leader in surface machining, from calibrating to grinding and polishing natural stone and quartz-resin agglomerates.

Luna Abrasivi has more than 30 years’ expertise in the development of tools and treatments for marble, granite and aggregate processing and finishing. It has expanded its technological expertise, innovating its range of tools to develop cutting-edge solutions that create novel textures for marble, granite and agglomerates. The brand-new fickerts guarantee unrivalled effects and performance, with perfectly polished, high-gloss surfaces or antiqued slabs and 3D textures with alternating polished and brushed/satin-finish parts.
Leading by example with its Green attitude, it uses renewable energy sources in addition to new technologies that enable eco-friendly production.

NoCoat is the benchmark for all chemical protection and polishing treatments combined with specific application tools. Moka-certified and VOC-free products for natural and engineered stone repair the surface, eliminate porosity, increase resistance to all the most invasive agents and improve protection and safety.

Surfaces Technological Abrasives has become the industry standard for end-of-line machining. Tools with high added value are designed using state-of-the-art technology for lapping, satin finishing and polishing gres, stone, marble and agglomerates.
Surfaces Group brings together Italy’s best surface machining companies.

The stone division is divided into:


Surfaces Group offers exclusive solutions for Natural and Engineered Stone surface machining through its brands Adi and Vincent.
The standard range therefore includes products for both monumental and complex machining operations such as 5-axis machining centres to develop 3D components and also kitchen worktops, with saw blades, stubbing wheels for routing, drum wheels for machining flush top grooves, as well as profiling and polishing wheels.


Surfaces Group is distinguished by its wide range of cutting tools. A huge choice allows the most efficient and cost-effective approach to cutting all types of materials found on the market today, obtaining a finished product in the desired format. The Surfaces Group offering is characterised by a distinctly superior cutting capacity and speed compared to the market standard, combined with a long tool life. The many different forms and types of Vincent and Adi branded tools ensure the ideal solution for all types of marble, granite, quartzite and sintered technical materials, reducing the risk of broken slabs and ensuring the required cutting quality.
Even in the case of particularly hard or abrasive materials and high stresses, they always ensure the highest cutting capacity and precision. The special forms guarantee compatibility with all cutting machines, ensuring high speed and quality with low noise levels and reduced power consumption.



Tool sturdiness is crucial even when drilling. It must be possible to penetrate all types of hard yet delicate stone materials, preserving their intrinsic quality and without chipping. The Surfaces Group catalogue contains a broad selection of segmented, crowned, brazed and electrolytic bits in different bonds and designs to satisfy the diverse range of customer needs for all types of marble, granite and agglomerates, ensuring precision and excellent quality drilling for all thicknesses from 6 to 30 mm.



To achieve a high-quality finish and a diverse range of profiles, for skirting boards, stair treads and worktops through the coordinated use of a tool set. Located in different positions, the tools work in rapid succession at high feed rates, each removing a specific section of material. The interaction between the diamond tooling must be perfect to obtain the desired end result. The high-level technology ensures an accurate result, every time.
For oversized slabs, tight angles and different thicknesses. A vast assortment for standard profiles and diameters, in addition to a complete range for custom profiles. The perfect recipe will be developed according to specific processing needs using a perfectly integrated set of tools operating in succession.


Surfaces Group offers complete sets for this type of complex machining, used to develop kitchen worktops: stubbing wheels for routing, drum wheels for machining flush top grooves, drilling tools, worktop polishing wheels, through to the best surface treatment and protection products.
Through the coordinated action of its brands, Surfaces Group can propose the best combination of different tools depending on the type of machines and materials to be processed for various tops. The comprehensive Surfaces offering also includes professional products by NoCoat for protective treatments that preserve the original beauty of the surface.


These are complex machining processes on 5-axis machining centres to create 3D components. Surfaces Group, with Adi and Vincent, offers leading technology for this delicate process: sintered, electrolytic, brazed, integral, PCD and Widia tools.
The broad range of tools available to the customer for use on CNC machines includes custom solutions to satisfy all specific needs with combined and exclusive tool recipes.


Choosing Surfaces Group means enjoying customised applications for all stone, marble, granite, agglomerate and resin bond surface machining needs. The coordinated action of Adi and Vincent with Luna Abrasivi, Surfaces T.A. and NoCoat allows customers to obtain specific and customised production systems.
Surfaces Group has innovated its offering for the production of quartz agglomerate slabs, introducing new technologies for the production and machining of sintered stone, eliminating all risk of streaking and burning. The range is enriched with Eco-Friendly tools free of pollutants, thus eliminating potential problems with disposal or reuse.
Dedicated to all of the following operations:

– Calibrating;
– Grinding/Polishing;
– Special finishing;
– Profiling and chamfering.

These tools may be


Surfaces Group naturally strives to produce high-quality tools that make production processes more efficient. The solutions developed for different types of materials are thus a combination of strength and productivity, a high removing rate and high line speed, appreciated for their distinctly superior durability compared to market standards.
Diamond calibrating rollers, just like plates and fickerts, are distinguished by their excellent durability and multiple forms combined with innovative bonds, thus reducing the risk of surface scratches or tool breakage even under high friction and stress.
Each application will be personalised to suit processing needs, providing the perfect recipe with a fully integrated set of tools that operates in succession.


Surfaces Group offers a broad range of diamond, metal and resin bond fickerts for polishing operations, with an almost unlimited selection of materials resulting from the most diverse combinations of quartz types, dimensions and colours. Adi, Vincent and Luna Abrasivi solutions guarantee a high stock removal rate, excellent finishing levels, long life and constant reduction of roughness levels. They prepare polished, brushed or matt slabs whether perfectly planar or textured, in the best possible way for subsequent machining.


With a broad selection of diamond resin bond fickerts and custom configurations for each specific machine, Surfaces Group polishing solutions are specifically designed to achieve any requested finishing and the desired gloss or satin finish, without ever compromising on the high level of productivity. Newly developed tools by Adi, Luna Abrasivi and Vincent can be adapted to any materials thanks to the possibility for different dies and bonds. Alternative combinations of polymers, quartz and cristobalite are customised to suit product and process requirements. An endless range with 8-10 different tool types for each type of grit and finishing, able to ensure previously unattainable quality: the high cutting performance is accompanied by the absence of shadows and burn marks.


Professional treatments that safeguard the original beauty of the surface and safety for all uses. Chemical solutions or abrasive sponges are used to treat the surface of the slab and permanently seal the pores, thus enhancing its gloss and significantly reducing the vulnerability of the surface to the attachment of dirt and acidic substances.
Thanks to industry experts NoCoat and Adi, Surfaces Group is the only company in the market able to provide comprehensive processing technology, from start to finish, including chemical treatment.

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