Surfaces Group has a deep-seated belief in the value of human capital and invests liberally in the development of its workforce. The complexity of the Surfaces Group method in fact, couldn’t work without the presence of high levels of professionalism accumulated through years of experience in direct daily contact with difficult problems and technologically advanced operating contexts. Providing customers with the ideal mix of tools to obtain the required results is a difficult but stimulating challenge that can be met only by drawing from specific technical skills and adopting a multidisciplinary approach.


Surfaces Group operates directly with its technical personnel on the production lines of customer companies, wherever they are, interacting and actively cooperating with customers’ technical organisations. Training personnel qualified in the various required disciplines is an essential requirement for Surfaces Group, which is why the company created Surfaces Academy, a training project designed to produce professionals ready to play an active role in the world of ceramics. After a period of shadowing of the senior technicians of Surfaces, the Ceramic Finishes Advanced Engineers trained in the Academy are ready to work in Surfaces Group or directly in customer companies.