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Experience, know-how and vision make Surfaces Group the international benchmark for innovation in the ceramics world.

The ceramics sector plays a strategic role in Surfaces Group’s operating activities. The company owes its success to the ability to offer solutions capable of enhancing the quality of ceramic products, providing a precise answer to the demands for innovation and stimuli proposed by customer companies. The aim of Surfaces Group is to impart value to a material that is among the most flexible and sensitive to transformation and customisation. The introduction of digital printing, maxi format ceramics and line end processes has revolutionized the world of ceramics, which today offers infinite creative and application possibilities.

If this sector is today experiencing growing levels of success, especially in the field of high and very high end products, this is due also to those, like Surfaces Group, who have dedicated patience and passion to making contributions in terms of innovation of machining operations and processes.


Pre-squaring is an important operation to optimise tiles handling and processing stages. This results in the production of tiles of the same dimensions, thus facilitating downstream operations of lapping and application of chemical treatments.


The lapping process, which is performed on the layer of glaze that covers slabs and tiles, makes it possible to modify the surface layer to allow the creation of an infinite number of different finishes.

The combination of sheen, gloss, porosity and finish offers multiple aesthetic solutions that enhance the value of the finished product.

Thanks to the various technologies applied to its diamond grinding wheels and the offering of integrated solutions for customisation, Surfaces Group offers absolutely unique support to customer companies.

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Surfaces Group proposes an innovative range of chemical products for post-lapping and honing treatments and the tools required to apply them. NoCoat treatment systems are designed to close the surface pores that would otherwise impair aesthetic results though time. The thus treated slabs are enhanced in terms of gloss, durability and resistance to staining, chemicals and heat. Surfaces Group’s treatment solutions are the result of eco-compatible processes that are customised in accordance with the needs of the client.

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Cutting is performed when the tiles must be shaped or when smaller sizes are to be obtained from large size slabs. This process also allows the production of tesserae for the creation of mosaics. With ADI diamond saw blades, Surfaces Group proposes highly advanced solutions in terms of efficiency, durability, and finish quality.



This is the fastest and most economical solution to obtain sub-sizes on ceramic production lines. ADI products for cutting and splitting provide the perfect response to the most demanding applications, offering precision combined with ease of execution.



Squaring is the process that allows the ceramic tile to be trimmed to the required size. Thanks to ADI, Surfaces Group was the first company to offer the ceramics market diamond grinding wheels for dry squaring operations, which do not require water cooling and allow significant energy savings, simplifying management of the plant and greatly reducing the environmental impact of the process.

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Profiling is the process whereby diamond tools are used to machine various edge profiles on ceramic components (half-bullnose, full bullnose, etc.) for skirtings, stair steps and worktops. Surfaces Group stands at the forefront also for this type of solution, supplying high performance tools, assistance and advisory services right from the work set-up phase on the line.