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Experience, know-how and vision make Surfaces Group the international benchmark for innovation in the ceramics world.

The material that has undergone the most surprising evolution, coated in diversified, luxurious and primitive, futuristic and ancient finishes, has a partner of choice: Surfaces Group.
The ceramic sector plays a strategic role for Surfaces Group. In fact, the company owes its success to the ability to offer solutions that are capable of enhancing the qualities of ceramic, promptly responding to requests for innovation and to the stimuli proposed by client companies. Surfaces Group’s goal is to give value to a material that is one of the most flexible and susceptible to transformations and customisations. The introduction of digital printing, large formats and end-of-line processing has revolutionised the world of ceramic, which today offers endless creative and use possibilities.
If this sector is experiencing growing levels success today, especially in high-end and very high-end sectors, this is also due to those who, like Surfaces Group, have dedicated their skill, patience and passion, to innovate manufacturing and processes.


Pre-squaring is the first processing for ceramic which optimises the subsequent handling and processing stages of the tiles, which will become more efficient and allow higher yields. The special binders ensure high removal rates, a good finishing and minimise the risk of angle breakage. In fact, homogeneous slabs of the same dimension are obtained, thus facilitating all the subsequent operations of cutting, squaring, lapping and application of the chemical treatment. This is first fundamental step to ensure the perfect success of the final result.


The lapping process is performed on the layer of the glaze that covers slabs and tiles. This process, by modifying this surface layer, thus allows the creation of an infinite possibility of finishings.

The combination of sheen/opacity, gloss/satin finish, perfect flatness/textured effects, porosity and finish, offers a variety of aesthetic solutions that enhance the value of the finished product. With the combined action of the Surfaces Technological Abrasives and Luna Abrasivi tools, ceramic come to life.

The wide offer of diversified technologies, diamond and resin bond tooling, customised integrated solutions, has made Surfaces Group a unique and exclusive partner for client companies, to whom it offers truly innovative and tailor-made support.

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Surfaces Group proposes an innovative range of chemical products for post-lapping and polishing treatments and the related tools required for their application.
NoCoat treatment systems protect the beauty of the surface over time. They are designed to close the surface pores that would otherwise impair aesthetic results.

The slabs that undergo this treatment are enhanced in terms of gloss and beauty, but also in their durability and resistance to stains, chemical products and heat. Surfaces Group treatment solutions are the result of certified processes that respect the environment and are customised in accordance with clients’ needs.

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Cutting is performed when the tiles must be shaped, or when particular shapes or smaller formats must be obtained from larger slabs. This process also allows the production of tesserae for the creation of mosaics. With our ADI and Vincent diamond saw blades, Surfaces Group offers highly advanced solutions in terms of yield, duration and finishing quality.
Among these, the DRY CUT series by ADI for in-line cutting of unfired material, guarantees greater flexibility, levels of productivity and sustainability while reducing water and electricity consumption.



It is the quickest and cheapest solution for obtaining sub-sizes on the production line. Our ADI and Vincent products for cutting and splitting prepare the slab for the subsequent squaring process and provide the perfect response to the most demanding applciations, while providing precision combined with ease of execution.



Squaring is the process that allows the tile to be trimmed in the required shape and dimension. It trims the tile in a precise and regular way, facilitating subsequent laying operations. Chamfering trims the edge to achieve a desired angle. It eliminates any irregularities in the cutting and allows to create decorative effects of the edges.

A unique and complete offer provides tools with various binders, diamond, metallic, resin bonds, polyurethane and the best recipes for the set-up of the machines, guaranteeing high removing rate, duration and finishing.

Thanks to ADI, International Chips and Vincent, Surfaces Group was the first company in the ceramic market to introduce diamond grinding wheels for dry squaring and chamfering operations. These processes, which do not require water cooling, allow for significant water and energy savings, simplify plant management and significantly contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the production process.

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Profiling is the process that uses diamond tools to obtain various profiles from ceramic for skirtings, stair steps and worktops. This allows to obtain a uniform and homogeneous finished product that is definitely more resistant. It gives the possibility to create decorative effects or surface texturing. Surfaces Group stands at the forefront also for this type of solution, providing high-performance tools, assistance and advisory services during all phases of the process, starting from the most effective work set-up phases in line.

Vincent’s diamond wheels, segmented and in continuous edge, dedicated to profiling, guaranteeing any type of desired profile.