NoCoat was incorporated 2016 as a spin-off from a previous industrial experience, focusing on the development of solutions for the protection and upgrading of ceramic surfaces subjected to lapping and honing.

AS Tools, the division specialised in tools for the application of chemical treatments, operates within the perimeter of NoCoat. The integration between the two components is absolute: in fact, the effectiveness of the process is due to the quality of the chemical product/tool combination. The success of the combined NoCoat-AS Tools action allowed the company to rise quickly to the status of market leader in its field.

Thanks to the exclusive Super Gloss system, NoCoat has revolutionised the role of this type of surface treatment in the ceramic production chain. While the treatment was once viewed as a remedial solution to address criticalities linked to the porosity of ceramic surfaces, the treatment stage becomes a critical stage of the process with Super Gloss. It is now widely recognised, in fact, that the treatment makes it possible to generate added value in terms of gloss, protection, durability, higher efficiency of the industrial process and improvement of premium grade product percentages.

The third strength of NoCoat and AS Tools, together with development of the chemical product and perfecting of the application tools, is a comprehensive knowledge of the process. A central role in the process is played by the product manager, who interfaces with the customer to gain a full understanding of the characteristics of the ceramic surfaces to be treated. Thanks to the product manager’s coordination, the NoCoat and AS Tools technical teams can develop the perfect combination of treatment-tool for a customized process to obtain the desired result.

In 2018, NoCoat became a member of Surfaces Group, achieving the perfect completion of the Group’s panorama of expertise. In commercial terms, NoCoat benefits from Surface’s international sales network to consolidate its penetration of foreign markets: Spain, Brazil, Russia, Poland and the US above all. In addition, the continuous dissemination within the Group of skills, experience and objectives has consolidated the relationship between NoCoat and Surfaces in an indivisible path of development. A special role in this context is played by Surfaces Lab, in which both companies work in synchrony to optimise the various functions.


Products overview

NoCoat’s main solutions include the already mentioned Super Gloss system, for the post lapping glossy finish, the section of so-called lappato matt treatments, which offer an almost silken visual and tactile surface, and conventional treatments for post honing processes.