ADI – Industrial Diamond Application

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ADI – Industrial Diamond Application was incorporated in 1980 by a group of businessmen already in possession of consolidated experience in the abrasive consumables sector. The company made its début in the optical field with the production of grinding wheels and edging wheels for lenses. ADI then turned its attention first to stone processing operations and subsequently to the glass sector. But it was thanks to its entry into the ceramics sector that ADI saw a steep rise in sales at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the ‘90s.
Despite its extreme specialisation, ADI’s diversification into multiple sectors allowed the Vicenza company not merely to ride out sudden market downturns, but also to gain worldwide brand recognition for the effectiveness and originality of its solutions. This is the case, for example, of the industrialisation project for stone processing products for use on CNC machining centres. The ability to identify and implement innovative solutions is the leitmotif of the entire industrial project. In 2013, ADI introduced a new method of processing ceramic surfaces, developed in close liaison with machine manufacturers. This led to the advent of dry cut technology for processing of ceramic tiles and slabs, resulting in massive benefits in terms of energy saving with the associated environmental gains, and in terms of production line efficiency.

ADI soon realised that, in addition to innovation, the key to its success can be found in its unique understanding of the needs of its clients coupled with its potential for integration on an international scale. The first step was to set up a company in the US to provide assistance for its range of products for glass processing on the important North American market, followed by opening of branches in Mexico, Turkey, Portugal and France. The 2015 entry into Surfaces Group saw ADI consolidating its leadership role, thanks to the integration and complementarity with the Surfaces system and the development of intra group synergies.

Products overview

ADI is highly esteemed for its entire production range of diamond tools, whether metal bonded or resin bonded, for processing stone, ceramics, glass and for applications in the mechanical industry. ADI’s products stand out for their quality and yield, optimising the performance of machine tools and enabling a significant reduction of total processing costs. Much of the merit is due to the professionalism of ADI’s technical people: high degree of specialisation, experience gained through constant development of diamond tools, profound understanding of different binders and diamond powders, and coordination between technical personnel in the field and those in the laboratory.

In the ceramic sector, a special mention must be reserved for dry cut technology, which is the flagship of ADI’s production range.

ADI’s activities in the stone sector are organised around two solution types:

  • FAB/LAB, dedicated to product processing laboratories
  • PLANT, dedicated to large industrial plants for the production of slabs and tiles. ADI offers advanced solutions to both FAB/LAB area customers and those of the PLANT area, aimed at optimising the work process and acclaimed for their effectiveness, robustness and durability.

In the Glass sector, the historic alliance with RBM has brought ADI to the fore of the international market, where its products stand out for their impeccable quality and long working life.

ADI confirms its leadership also in the mechanical applications sector, with its unfailing offering of advanced solutions thanks to its privileged relationship with machine tool manufacturers.

Visit the ADI institutional website and discover the complete range of products