Surfaces Technological Abrasives

Surfaces Technological Abrasives is a synonym of know-how, specialisation and innovation. The company’s industrial path was plotted in parallel with the development of lapping, which immediately became the area of the maximum expertise and focus, with a clearly defined objective: to raise the value of materials by means of targeted and highly innovative line end processing solutions.

Today, Surfaces can count on consolidated experience, on the best professional skills, and on the value of ultra-specialised associates, in order to provide clients with a quality of partnership that is unique on the world stage. Thanks to its technical innovations and the presence of its specialists on production lines all over the world, Surfaces is perfectly placed to offer innovative solutions to:

  • obtain the aesthetic quality required by end customers;
  • optimise production plant throughput;
  • guarantee the best possible machine/tool combination in terms of lifetime, efficiency and environmental impact.

A competitive advantage forged over the years by means of a consolidated relationship: with machine manufacturers, for the joint development of production lines and tools; with the suppliers of raw materials, for anticipated introduction of new technology and developments; with ceramics companies, to upgrade competences and work together to achieve otherwise unattainable levels of success.


Products overview

Surfaces Technological Abrasives offers the most advanced and comprehensive range of solutions for lapping, honing and satin finishing: the diamond tools made by Surfaces are acclaimed for their high cutting and polishing capacity. Surfaces Flexit brushes and abrasives are unique in their ability to create a genuine matt finish.

Surfaces is also engaged in the development of diamond tools for processing stone slab surfaces.