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ADI and RBM solutions for glass derive from historic vocations. From their very beginnings, the two companies identified a core focus in the development of a range of extremely advanced and exclusive tools. It is precisely thanks to this strategy that Surfaces Group enjoys a position of leadership also in this sector.

The range of ADI products for the glass industry includes cup wheels, employed on straight-line and double edging machines, and peripheral tools, created for CNC machine applications, including metal bonded and resin bonded types. ADI also offers specialised expertise in the solar power and automotive industry, in which the production of special glass and demands for ultra high speed execution have led to the development of highly advanced grinding wheels and the formulation of special binders, for which ADI holds the registered trade mark, and the adoption of specific concentrations of diamond powders.

Conversely, RBM is specialised in polishing wheels, with more than 26 formulations made in a range of shapes and grits. RBM produces rubber, resin, polyurethane and cerium wheels for edge and arris polishing. RBM has been operating in the polishing sector since the early 1960s, gradually acquiring a reputation for its expertise in this delicate process.

The strengths that led to the ascendancy of Surfaces Group in the sector are precision and speed of execution, absence of defects, and consequent reduction of manufacturing rejects. Apart from these benefits, Surfaces Group offers longer lasting tools, maximum profile retention and higher productivity. All this translates into optimised Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), so potential clients are not just looking at the price of the tool but at the total cost to manufacture the finished product. It is here that Surfaces Group products flaunt their winning credentials.

Surfaces Group can also supply clients with customised solutions, developed to comply with specific requirements, the result of truly unique experience and innovative flair.


The cutting operation makes it possible to obtain different shapes from the glass sheets, especially in the case of laminated glass. Surfaces Group diamond saw blades, with continuous edge, sectors or turbo, for use with water or dry, combine effectiveness, cutting quality, feed speed and long lifetime of the tool.



To define the outline of the glass product by means of end mills and the subsequent operations of edge grinding with profiled grinding wheels or cup wheels depending on the application, Surfaces Group offers a comprehensive catalogue of advanced and high performance solutions.



The execution of holes and countersinks in glass calls for absolute precision. All Surfaces Group diamond tools – whether core drills or countersinks, monobloc or multi-component – are the result of forty years of experience and are subject to stringent checks in order to guarantee high speed operation and perfect execution. The tools are designed for use on all commercially available grinding and polishing machines.



The chamfering operation imparts high value to glass products. This process is adopted for the production of high quality windows or mirrors, and it is performed also on a wider or narrower part of the flat surface. This is achieved by combining diamond grinding wheels of decreasing grit, working together to create attractive effects. Thanks to the extensive catalogue of solutions, ADI assists customers in the management of even highly complex processes, guaranteeing perfect execution and durability.



Surfaces Group polishing wheels are formulated to meet all processing requirements thanks to the range of products, which are characterised in terms of width and depth. The tools are used on the main machines on the market from the initial polishing phase to buffing of edges and arrises.

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Surfaces Group has always worked with the manufacturers of CNC machines for the development of milling cutters, grinding wheels and tools for use in complex work processes of the maximum precision. The use of Surfaces Group diamond and polishing tools guarantees quality of execution and optimisation of processes.



From finishing of drinking glasses to the production and engraving of crystal giftware, Surfaces Group is at the disposal of clients with tools of the maximum precision and effectiveness.