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Surfaces Group solutions for glass derive from long-standing vocations, expressed by its excellences Adi, RBM Italia and Vincent. From their very beginnings, the three companies have set themselves the goal of developing very advanced and exclusive tools. Thanks to this path, today Surfaces Group enjoys a position of leadership also in this particular sector.

Adi has developed a very wide range of products for the glass industry, which includes cup wheels, including metal bonded and resin bonded types, employed on straight-line and double edging machines, as well as and peripheral wheels for CNC machines. Furthermore, Adi offers a particular specialisation in the solar power and automotive industry, in which the production of special glass and the demands for very high speed execution have led to the development of highly advanced grinding wheels and the formulation of special binders, for which it holds the registered trademark.

RBM Italia made the history of glass finishing tools, developing the first chamfer polishing tool. It has been operating in this sector since the early 60s and it has acquired a worldwide leadership. Its specialisation in polishing wheels has created to a range with over 26 formulations, a vast range of formulations, produced in different shapes and grits: rubber, resin, polyurethane and cerium wheels for edge and arris polishing.

For 50 years, Vincent has specialised in the production of diamond tooling for cutting and grinding glass, but also for working natural stone, agglomerates and ceramic. The solutions proposed by Vincent cover all the processing phases, for the various types of flat, technical, low-emission glass, and are dedicated to the architectural, automotive and optical sectors.

The strengths that make Surfaces Group products well known are the consistency of quality over time, precision and fed rate on the glass plates, the absence of defects on the surfaces and the consequent reduction of manufacturing rejects. In addition to this, Surfaces Group offers longer lasting tools, maximum profile retention and higher productivity. All this translates into an optimised TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) which aims at controlling the real total cost of the finished product. It is here that the Surfaces Group shows its winning qualities.

Furthermore, Surfaces Group can provide the customer with personalised and synergistic solutions, developed to respond to different specific needs, the result of truly unique experience and innovative flair. The tools of the various brands are characterised by the consistency of their performance, which remains high throughout the life cycle.


The cutting operation makes it possible to obtain different shapes from the glass sheets. Surfaces Group diamond blades, with continuous rim, segmented or turbo; depending on the glass to be cut, they combine effectiveness, cutting quality, feed rate with long tool lifetime.



Surfaces Group offers a comprehensive catalogue of advanced and performing solutions.
The Adi and Vincent diamond tooling, like the end mills, for defining the shape of any type of glass product, combine high removing rates with very high quality finishes and low noise levels.

For subsequent grinding operations, the offer varies depending on the applications, with a wide variety of profiling or cup wheels, with standard or customised profiles. They are available in different shapes, continuous rim, segmented, semi-segmented, and above all in a vast assortment of metal, resin, cerium bonds. These formulations with special binders have allowed a considerable performance increase, thanks to the excellent life of the tools which allow high feed speeds.

They help eliminate any roughness and finish the sheet, reducing the risk of breakage and facilitating subsequent processing.
Some types of peripheral grinding wheels can be profiled several times, but the range is also completed with the offer of disposable grinding wheels which ensure a good life even without the need for reprofiling, thus eliminating the costs associated with logistics.



The execution of glass drilling and countersinks requires absolute precision. All Surfaces Group diamond tooling – whether core an d dowel drills or countersinks, monobloc or multi-component – are the result of forty years of experience and are subject to very strict controls in order to guarantee speed and perfection of execution. They are designed to be used effectively on all machines on the market. Appropriately designed and treated, right from the first hole, they ensure excellent results even at high speed and a longer life time than the standard.



Chamfering is a process that gives great value to the glass product. It is used in the production of fine windows or mirrors. Carried out along the perimeter of the sheet, it also involves a more or less considerable part of the flat surface in the processing.
It is obtained thanks to the combination of metal-bonded and resin-bonded diamond wheels with decreasing grit.
Thanks to an extensive catalogue of solutions, Surfaces Group supports customers in managing even very complex processes, guaranteeing perfect execution and durability.
With continuous rim or segmented, the Adi and Vincent grinding wheels are compatible with all types of machines. They are characterised by their durability, work at high speeds and allow to obtain high removal rates and extreme precision of the finishing, which simplifies the subsequent polishing operation.



RBM Italia means glass polishing. The wheels of the Surfaces Group brand have always innovated the market offer through their new application solutions that develop original and exclusive binders.
Formulated to satisfy every processing need, they are used on the main machines on the market, from the first polishing phase to brightening both the edges and arrises.

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Surfaces Group has always worked with manufacturers of CNC machines for the development of cutters, grinding wheels and tools to be used in complex processes of maximum precision. The use of its diamond and polishing tooling guarantees execution quality and process optimisation.
Through the synergy of its brands Adi and Vincent, recognised market leaders, Surfaces Group is able to solve every production requirement and develop customised solutions. A partner who supports the customer, to supply not only a product, but a real system that raises production efficiency.
For horizontal and vertical CNC machines, the grinding wheels, both continuous rim and segmented, are available in different thickness to process all types of sheets.



The tradition of the main producers of trays for glass and crystalware.
From the finishing of drinking glasses to the production and engraving of crystal novelties, Surfaces Group is at the service of customers with tools of the maximum precision and effectiveness, capable of solving any special processing.


Surfaces Group has a diversified range of tools with highly innovative solutions for processing automotive glass, in line with the needs of the automotive industry which requires very high process speeds and sustainable solutions.
Wheels and core and dowel drills, in addition to guaranteeing a high removing rate, very high feed rates, long-lasting profile, reduced set-up times, meet all processing needs for standard, special and customised profiles.
Disposable grinding wheels guarantee high quality and do not require reprofiling, therefore saving time and maintenance costs and reducing waste.


Tools that ensure maximum flexibility and precision for the production of ophthalmic lenses. Dedicated to any type of system, for all operations of bending, chamfering, grinding, finishing, and polishing of optical glass. Functional for high productivity processing, minimum thickness lenses and multilayer applications.