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Mechanical industry

Thanks to the experience of ADI, Surfaces Group is a leader in the production of diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools for a broad range of  applications in the mechanical industry.

The solutions offered by Surfaces Group are acclaimed for their exceptional flexibility, the company’s expert knowledge of diamond products, and its pronounced capabilities of design and innovation.

Also in this sector, which is extremely varied and demanding, Surfaces Group has been able to develop privileged relationships with the manufacturers of machines in order to optimise the operating performance of its tools. The production of diamond grinding wheels for mechanical industry applications is divided between five different production technologies: metal bonding, resin bonding, single layer deposition (electrolytic – brazed), and vitrifICATION.

In the mechanical applications field, the Surfaces Group – ADI sales network is composed of a team of skilled technicians for assistance, operating directly on clients’ production lines in such a way as to guarantee optimal utilisation of the diamond product.


With the support of the best binder technologies available on the market and its exclusive process know-how, Surfaces Group offers lasting solutions for the construction of engine components and brake discs for the Automotive sector. The Group brings the following strengths to this sector: high stock removal rates – with a consequent increase in productivity and reduction of machining time, maintenance of the profile, optimal results in terms of surface finishing, excellent resistance to the heat generated, the possibility of re-profiling and dressing on the machine.

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ADI has thirty-years’ experience in the design and production of tools for CNC machines.

The high stock removal rate solutions combined with excellent edge retention are ideal for the construction of milling cutters and drill bits in hard metal and HSS. Surfaces Group tools are highly esteemed for execution of perfect grooves and cutting edges, combined with optimal utilization parameters.

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Surfaces Group – ADI produces a vast range of tools for sharpening and profiling of milling cutters, drill bits, inserts, circular saws and blades in various materials. These tools that display all their efficiency in machining wood, metal and technical ceramics, in various operating conditions and employed on a wide range of machines: dry and wet, semiautomatic and manual.

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Surfaces Group stands at the front of the field in the development of grinding wheels of various diameters for external profiles, internal profiles, and for centerless grinding, for processing of materials that range from hard metal to HSS, technical ceramics and PCDs.

The versatility of Surfaces Group makes it possible to analyse criticalities on the market and, thanks to a highly qualified team, to meet the needs of clients with customised solutions and exceptional cutting capacity and stock removal rates, edge retention and surface finishing.

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Nel settore della carta Surfaces Group – ADI ha sviluppato una gamma di utensili per l’affilatura di lame

In the paper sector, Surfaces Group – ADI has developed a range of tools for sharpening circular blades and straight blades for the production of Tissues, Napkins, Nonwovens and Corrugated board. The advantages of the use of Surfaces Group tools compared to conventional abrasives are: lower cost and reduced maintenance and finally lower environmental impact, improvement of the blade cutting edge.

This product line is completed with the inclusion of medium/large size tools for grinding of the rollers used in the sector.

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