International Chips

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Set up in 1975 to operate in the sector of abrasive plastic media for mass wet processing of surfaces, International Chips has gradually extended its production range over the years.

The initial sector of polyester resin media was subsequently extended by adding the sector of polyurethane bonded flexible grinding wheels for finishing metal and non-metal surfaces, and resin bonded diamond tools for squaring and chamfering of ceramic tiles. The company then went on to start producing spheres and microspheres for the fabrication of abrasive segments, high quality grinding wheels, and abrasive thermoplastic media.

In 2008, International Chips patented ECOS Project for dry vibratory mass surface finishing; since water is not used in the finishing process, the ECOS Project eliminates the slurries produced by conventional plants and makes it possible to extend the range of processing materials.

In 2019 International Chips joined Surfaces Group with which, thanks to its organisation and widespread commercial network, it will be able to express its full potential on the word market to its best advantage.


Products overview

International Chips designs and builds (also in response to customer requests) a vast range of abrasive media that guarantee fast process cycles and high performance. Easier elimination of process residues.

With ECOS dry plastic abrasives, thanks to innovative process cycles that are performed entirely without the use of water, there’s a revolution under way in the field of vibratory finishing due to the ability to process difficult materials including wood, plastic, and light alloys such as Zamak.

In the ceramic sector, the innovative contribution of International Chips should be highlighted, with its generous range of diamond grinding wheels for squaring, both wet and dry, and organic bonded diamond tools for lapping. Thanks to the support of the technical personnel and Research Centre, International Chips can work alongside customers to test the best products for their needs or to develop customised solutions.


Visit the International Chips institutional website and discover the complete range of products