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Founded about 40 years ago as a small artisan business, Luna Abrasivi has expanded over the years and today it is a leading producer of tools for honing and polishing ceramics, granites and marbles; it joined the Surfaces Group in October 2019. Luna Abrasivi is now an eco-friendly company, equipped with the latest technology and production systems with low environmental impact, powered by renewable energy. The headquarters, near La Spezia, occupy buildings of about 10,000 m2, where all products are manufactured and scientific research is also undertaken.

The success our products have always enjoyed derives from a growth strategy strongly focused on building a partnership with our customers, enabling us always to create products in line with the demands of our core market. We view quality as an integrated system, which starts from design intended to produce tools that deliver high efficiency, meaning high yields and low energy and water consumption.

The production process is continually evolving with an Industry 4.0 approach, thanks to the introduction of automation and quality control systems connected and controlled by a customised business intelligence system.

The before and after-sales service enhances the product’s value by enabling us to build a relationship of mutual cooperation with the customer. Luna thus sees itself not as just a supplier but rather as a partner, which promotes innovation and applicational solutions to increase efficiency and quality. Therefore, Luna Abrasivi is a global business, present on all continents through a consolidated, well-structured network of depots and agents, extending from Italy onto the world stage and including two subsidiaries, in India and Brazil.

What’s more, joining Surfaces opened out new prospects for international cooperation between the Group’s technical service and sales networks, and the synergy between the respective businesses also consolidated Luna Abrasivi’s position in its market segment.

Products overview

The Luna Abrasivi product range offers differentiated solutions with abrasive combinations specifically developed for the surface to be polished or honed, and for the final surface effect required (full lapping, matt/lapping matt, distressed).

The treatment of ceramic surfaces in all sizes and large slabs is now our main market worldwide. Luna offers a complete range of tools for use throughout the polishing line.

Composite surfaces, on the other hand, are our most recent, innovative target market. For the treatment of these surfaces, which combine materials of natural origin (stone or other minerals) with materials of chemical origin, mainly resin, we now offer a dedicated range of abrasives developed with unusual criteria and produced via an equally original “green” production process.

Alongside these products are our lines for granite and for stones in general, comprising not only conventional honing tools but also a set of abrasives for creating the Giano effect, a combination of full lappato and matt that highlights the stone’s natural unevenness.

The range is completed by tools for finishing marble, where we offer specific Frankfurter and Virgola profile abrasives in all grain sizes and chemical formulations, for honing slabs and strips.






loghi progetto PLAN Luna Abrasivi

Il Progetto PLAN - Produzione Lean per Abrasivo Natura è stato completato nel mese di marzo 2023 ed ha previsto la realizzazione di un nuovo tipo di utensile abrasivo, con il coinvolgimento delle imprese partner Engintec Spa ed Officina Micheli. Il progetto è stato cofinanziato dall'Unione Europea.