Kit for the Kitchen top

Fresetta piatta per gocciolatoio

“FLAT” grooving bits

It makes “flat” grooves.

Frese da gocciolatoio

Grooving router bits

4 rounded metal positions, which create grooves of suitable width, depth and slope on the sink countertop. Possibility…

Kit mole per piano cucina ribassato

Kit of polishing wheels, for the drain board on Kitchen top

Combination of metal bond and resin bond wheels, designed to meet all requests of finishing for the drain…

Mola da ribassi grecata

Super Duty stubbing wheel

Diamond wheels for various removals on marble, granite and Engineered stone. It can be used on both sides…

Mola da ribassi a settori

Segmented stubbing wheel

Electroplated and sintered wheels to create shapes and drain board on various materials. Also used for large removals…

Frese per scavo massello

Tools for solid sink execution

Tools and relevant fittings for the solid sink execution.