GlassRenu is a dry scratch removal system, composed by a set of abrasive disks (with 3 different grits), a felt disk and a patented polishing compound.

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    • How it works

      Once applied to a variable speed polisher, through a series of consecutive passages on the damaged area, the disk allow the removing of the defect.
      Depending from the severity and the extension of the damage, the operator can choose the disk with the most proper grit, as well as the diameter (70mm, 125mm e 150mm), with the full opportunity of optimizing the timing of the tooling. Tooling cycle continues with the pre-polishing step and ends with the polishing.

    • Where it works

      Doesn’t matter of what kind of glass the surface is made by: GlassRenu works both on float and tempered glass. The only thing to be considered, in order to avoid breakings due to thermal shocks, is the difference of temperature between the work area and the surrounding areas: the limit is 27°C in case float glass, 40°C in case of tempered glass.
      GlassRenu can also be used on lamined glass, on double glazed glass and on mirrors.

    • What kind of damages can be removed

      GlassRenu allows the removing of a wide range of damages, from the lighter ones (hard water stains, sea salt stains, rust, tree resin) to the welding stains. Logically the duration of repairing will vary, depending from the extension and the severity of the damage. Thanks to its extreme flexibility, GlassRenu can be used in place of glass replacement, helping individuals and Companies to save time and money.

    • What is the quality of the repairing

      If all the tooling parameters and the operational techniques are met (also thanks to the training courses that can be issued at Customer’s facility), results are high on level, distortions are very low and there is no difference in transparency with a brand new glass.

    • What is a "GlassRenu Certified Repairer"?

      Restoring a glass surface efficiently and according to the quality standards desired by the end Customer requires precise technical and practical skills.
      “GlassRenu Certified Repairer” are Companies wishing to transform glass repair into a part of their business and for this reason decided to train their technicians through adequate courses.

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    Additional features

    • GlassRenu is a dry system: that means is suitable for a use in all those environments where cleanliness is mandatory, in order to not damage fornitures, walls, ceilings (like homes, offices, boats)
    • GlassRenu is a scalable system, with a flexible tooling cycle: with its 3 disk of different grits is possible to optimize the duration of the process and its cost.
    • GlassRenu allows to operate without removing the glass from its support: GlassRenu is effective both in plane or vertical use

    Examples of repairing made with GlassRenu

    • rimozione
      Removal of a film composed by dry pinetree resin, dust and smog, deposited over the years
    • rimozione
      Removal of surface oxidation released from the surrounding metallic window frame
    • rimozioni tag acido
      Removal of acid tags
    • rimozioni tag carburo
      Removal of tags made with carbide pen

    person_search Find a GlassRenu Certified Repairer

    Become a “GlassRenu Certified Repairer”

    The applications of GlassRenu and of the professionalism acquired with the “GlassRenu Certified Repairer” program are many: maintenance in homes, offices and commercial contexts, restore operations on boats and cars, just to name a few.

    How it performs

    Through theoretical and practical training sessions, lasting a minimum of 8 hours, the technic staff is trained to work effectively on horizontal, vertical and curved surfaces; all in full compliance with safety regulations. Starting from the basics, the program can be configured in a personalized way, in order to analyze the typical dynamics or findings of each Customer.